Agreement highlights: Randolph College

Cumulative GPA Required

  • Minimum of 2.7

Acceptance Status

  • Associates of Arts and Science Degrees (AA&S) and Associates of Science (AS)
  • Complete ENG 111 with a minimum grade of B and
  • Complete a minimum of 56 transferable credits with a maximum of 68 credits may be transferred.
  • VCCS students earning a transfer oriented degree will be guaranteed completion of the general education program at RC with the exception of:
    • A course addressing gender
    • A course addressing a culture outside of the US or Europe
    • A course dealing with global issues
    • And a year of foreign language at the elementary or intermediate level (see GAA agreement under #4 for more specifics)

Grade transferability

  • Minimum of a grade of C in each community college course applicable to the transfer oriented associate degree program.


  • Application fee is waived for GAA provided all materials are submitted according to the agreement dates.

Letter of Intent (no form)

  • Students are asked to inform the University of the Intent to Enroll at the Randolph College Admission Office (800.745.7692) before applying for graduation from the community college.

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