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FAC Dickinson Building - Rear entrance in the fall

Fall 2024

Fall term information and key dates.

Fall 2024

Fredericksburg Area Campus located in Spotsylvania, Virginia

Summer 2024

Summer term information and key dates.

Summer 2024

Daniel Technology Center located in Culpeper, Virginia

Spring 2025

Spring term information and key dates.

Spring 2025

New students

Getting started at Germanna is easy. We never charge an application fee and we enroll year-round. Get started as early as possible to ensure you're ready in time to start your classes.

Identity Verification: In order to provide a safe and secure learning environment, we require that all new applicants verify their identity. Applicants will need access to a computer or mobile device that has a camera in order to provide a real-time photo of yourself (Liveness Check) and upload a photo ID.

Accepted ID document types:

  • Passports excluding emergency, temporary, and diplomatic passports as well as travel documents
  • Driver's licenses that display your photo, name, date of birth, issued and/or expiry dates. This includes provisional licenses.
  • National identity cards (internationally formatted documents only, no domestic ID cards)
  • Travel visas attached to your international passport
  • National residence permits (internationally formatted documents only, no domestic residence permits)
Steps to enroll based on your goal
Start or complete a degree
Enroll in a workforce or community class
Enroll in a healthcare program
Dual enroll as a high school or home school student
Take a class to transfer to another school
Enroll as an international student

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Find out how your previous learning, work, and military experiences could be applied to your education at Germanna.

Group of campus tour participants at the Fredericksburg Area Campus

Attending a group tour is a great way to see yourself at Germanna.

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Germanna is so much more than a college. Join us on the Fredericksburg Area Campus in Spotsylvania and find out why.

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