Transfer Services provides interaction with four-year schools for those students who wish to continue their education after Germanna. College representatives visit on a regular basis and workshops are offered to help students stay on track to transfer. An annual college fair is held in the fall. In addition, the Transfer website provides many resources to assist students including transfer guides, transfer agreements, and timelines.

Transfer Virginia Portal

Visit the Transfer Virginia Portal to create a plan, get advice, and organize your transfer journey.

Transfer partners

Germanna is your gateway to top four-year colleges and universities in Virginia and the country. Learn more about our transfer agreements with partnering schools.

Transfer partners

Transfer timeline

Make the most of your time at Germanna. Plan ahead and ensure you're on a smooth path to transfer to your four-year school of choice.

Transfer timeline

Questions about Guaranteed Transfer

What do I have to do to qualify?

Graduate with an AA & S transfer degree (and in some cases an AAS) and meet GPA requirements specified by the four-year school. Generally, you will enter with junior status and general education requirements met.

However, understand that four-year schools are all different and may have additional requirements you must meet. Be sure to review these requirements.

What else do I need to know?

Acceptance in some majors or departments at a college is competitive (Business Administration, Art, Music and Teacher Education, for example). Further acceptance by the department offering the program is necessary.

What if I don’t meet the requirements?

The GAA is just one transfer route! If you are not eligible for the GAA, but you meet most of the school’s requirements, then apply as a “regular” transfer student. Admission will not be guaranteed, but chances are you would be a strong candidate for admission.

What if I want to attend a four-year school that does not have an agreement with Germanna?

Maximize the number of credits that will transfer by completing an AA & S degree at Germanna. Even if your courses do not match up exactly to your four-year college requirements, schools will often accept the AA & S degree in its entirety. Access the college website of the college you are planning to attend. The link to Admissions always includes information for prospective transfer students including policies regarding course transferability.

What are transfer guides?

Transfer guides are invaluable! They are published by all public four-year institutions in Virginia and many private schools as well. Each four-year school determines which courses will be accepted in transfer and the type of credit that will be awarded. Your coursework could meet general education requirements, come in as elective credit, or count as credit toward your major. Many transfer guides will even provide you with a list of courses you should take at Germanna for your intended major.

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