Agreement highlights: Emory and Henry College

Cumulative GPA Required

  • Minimum of 2.5 GPA.

Acceptance Status

  • Associates of Arts and Science Degrees (AA&S) or Associates of Science (AS)
  • GAA students will be guaranteed completion of all lower level general education requirements as long as the following courses have been completed:
    • One religion course
    • Two foreign language courses in the same language, or completion of a single course at or above the 102 level.
    • A VCCS CSC or ITE course or demonstrate proficiency through an E&H administered test.
    • If these courses are not completed at the VCCS, the student may still be admitted under the terms of the agreement, but must complete the equivalent courses upon enrollment at E&H. Specific departmental or prerequisites may be needed for the major. Students must complete the Great Works in Context (junior level) and Connections (senior level) Core Curriculum Requirements at E&H.
  • A maximum of 62 credit hours that will transfer from VCCS.
  • Courses completed through IB and AP will be accepted according to policies in E&H Catalog.
  • If a student does not have at least 12 credits earned after high school graduation, they must complete Transitions I (ETLA 100), Foundations I (ETLA 101) and Foundations II (ETLA 201) in the first three terms at E&H.
  • Acceptance in some degree programs (e.g. Athletic Training) is competitive; thus guaranteed admission into E&H does not imply admission to these programs without further acceptance by the program or department offering the program.
  • Application Fee is waived for GAA students and online applicants.
  • Letter of Intent is not required

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