What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment provides qualified high school students with the opportunity to complete college level courses while still attending high school. Courses completed as a dual enrollment student appear on both the student’s high school and Germanna transcripts.

The four-year colleges and universities of the Commonwealth generally accept the credits earned through dual enrollment; however, students should check with the admissions office of schools to which they intend to transfer.

Why choose Germanna?

  • Take affordable classes taught by fully credentialed college faculty
  • Earn college credit based on academic performance throughout the semester, instead of one test
  • Complete up to one year of transferable, bachelor's degree coursework through the UCGS and Passport programs
  • Gain early exposure to the rigors of a college-level course at your own high school

Dual Enrollment Manual

The Dual Enrollment manual contains policies, procedures, and details of Dual Enrollment at Germanna Community College.

High school dual enrollment students learning in a chemistry lab

Traditional Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment at the high schools offers students the chance to takes classes at their respective high schools and earn concurrent college credits.  This pathway is limited by the availability of courses offered at select high schools.

Two Germanna students in the courtyard at the Fredericksburg Area Campus

Independent Dual Enrollment

High school and home school students who plan on taking classes outside of the programmed high school day at Germanna are called, “Independent Dual Enrollment (IDE)” students. IDE students must submit all required documentation to a Germanna Counselor in Student Services for consideration each semester until the completion of high school. Appointments are highly recommended.

Steps to Dual Enrollment

Qualifying Test Scores
Dual Enrollment vs. A.P. and I.B.
Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Contact Us

If you have application questions, or need assistance completing an application, please contact:

Jennifer Hamilton

Kelly Crowder

Program Assistant for the Office of Dual Enrollment

(540) 423-9131


Learn About Dual Enrollment Programs

Germanna Community College offers DE and IDE courses to Juniors and Seniors who attend select high schools. If you want to learn about requirements, connect with a High School Career Advisor or schedule a visit. We invite you to learn more by watching our Open House video.

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