At Germanna, free mentoring is available for all students

The Germanna Mentorship program offers personalized support to students, fostering success regardless of program or GPA. It allows them to explore future careers, network, plan for life after Germanna, work on developing communication and leadership skills, and so much more.

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"The most fulfilling part of being a mentor has been that it’s a 2-way relationship. I not only have been able to invest in Kayla, but she has invested in me too not just me but my whole family. We’ve been able to get to know each other, have coffee, apply for scholarships and transfers, have dinner, and just do life together."
Brittany Kinsey
Germanna Mentor

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Mentoring at Germanna

At Germanna, mentoring programs are designed to support specific student populations, each with unique features to foster success:

  • College-wide Mentoring:  Available to all students seeking mentorship, ensuring personalized support for academic and personal growth.
  • Great Expectations:  A statewide initiative designed for students with a background in foster care, offering specialized advising and guidance throughout their college journey.
  • Early College programs The Gladys P. Todd Academy and Germanna Scholars are dual enrollment programs for students from select high schools. These programs allow students to earn a high school diploma and an associate degree by the end of their senior year.

Information for Mentors

At Germanna, mentors play a vital role within our community, offering trusted guidance and support to participants. Becoming a mentor can be immensely rewarding and impactful for both you and your student. Our mentors come from various backgrounds, including faculty, staff, and local community members.
To ensure a positive and memorable mentoring experience for our students, mentors undergo a thorough onboarding and training process.

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Director of Equity Advancement

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Academic Advisor of Equity Advancement

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Administrative Assistant of Equity Advancement 

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Mentorship Program Coordinator

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Early College Advisor - Gladys P. Todd Academy

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Early College Advisor - Germanna Scholars

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