Germanna Cares About Students

Germanna cares about students and aims to provide the necessary resources to help them reach their goals. Help us continue to make immediate impacts in their lives. 

The unpredictability of our students’ lives can sometimes create challenges and make it hard for them to be successful. Things like inadequate housing, a lack of money for food and other necessities, or unplanned expenses derail a student and make it difficult for them to reach their goals. The Germanna Cares program is there for students in these times of need, providing them with critical necessities that keep them on paths to self-sufficiency and impact them directly. 

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Critical Needs

  • Food pantry and groceries
  • Technology support
  • Living expense emergencies due to job loss or reduced work hours
  • Hygienic supplies
  • Clothing 
  • Transportation

2021-22 At-a-Glance

  • 465+ students and their families supported
  • $84,900+ Care dollars awarded
  • 206 students screened
  • 273+ students supported by the food pantry
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“If it wasn’t for funding from Germanna Cares, there’s no way I would have been able to make it”
Sierra Pierce
Germanna Grad

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