Germanna Community College is connecting businesses with local talent. We identify interns and student employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to fit your organization. 

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We can identify interns and student employees who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to fit your organization. 

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Partner with us to provide our students with extended classroom learning opportunities and provide your business with a year round source of highly motivated pre-professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn college credit by doing an internship?

Internships can fulfill credit requirements in some Germanna degree programs. Students must have completed 30 hours of college credit to qualify for a credit internship, and receive approval from their Faculty Advisor to enroll in the appropriate course. The 3-credit course requires 126 hours of supervised work at the internship site (roughly 8-10 hours per week) over the course of a semester. Student also complete a weekly log and a final reflective paper.

Can I intern without seeking credit?

Non-credit internships are highly encouraged. Students should communicate with the Internship Counselor, who can be a resource for students to gain the maximum learning value from the experience. The amount of time at the site can reflect student and employer needs. If a student provides information about the hours and experience, a non-credit internship can be noted on the student’s Germanna transcript.

When it the best time to complete an internship?

The most advantageous time for students to intern for credit is during their final semester, or as they near their final semester.  This is because students have more skills to offer employers at this time, and because the proximity to graduation may support job seeking.

When should I begin the process of seeking an internship?

You should begin the process at least 60 days prior to your desired start date.

How do I find an internship placement?

The Career & Transfer Center assists students in locating a placement site, though the ultimate responsibility for finding and applying to a site is the student’s. The Internship Counselor is the first point of contact; the Career & Transfer Center staff have established relationships with employers within the community. Students can search for internships in GermannaWorks, accessed through their MyGCC account.  A student’s Academic Advisor or Department Chair are excellent resources for industry contacts. Students, using good judgment, can search the internet for opportunities as well.

What do I need to do to get an internship?

In some cases, students apply for an internship directly to the business or organization through a website or organization-specific process. In other cases, the student will be assisted in the contact and application process by the Internship Counselor. In either case, students must develop a resume; a cover letter should be developed and provided to employers whenever possible. When students wish to earn credit, learning goals must be developed and approved by the Faculty Advisor.

How do I work on my resume and cover letter?

Students can create a resume and cover letter in GermannaWorks. Students can receive feedback electronically from the Internship Counselor to improve their resume and target their cover letter effectively. The Career and Transfer Center also has computers on site where students can work with support from the Career and Transfer Center staff.

Will internship credits transfer?

While internships provide valuable experience within a career field, academic credits earned through internships may not always transfer to another institution. The student is highly encouraged to contact the Transfer Counselor in the Career and Transfer Center, as well as the institution where they plan to transfer.

Will I be paid or be offered a job?

Internship can be paid or unpaid, depending on the circumstances. However, it is acknowledged by the Germanna community of students, faculty and businesses, that the primary purpose of internship is student learning. As such, pay and job offers can not be guaranteed. Students should develop an internship plan with educational purposes foremost, while keeping sight of their short and long-term career goals.

Will an internship help me decide if I want a career in this area?

Internships are primarily offered for career preparation for students who are confident about their career direction. Students who are uncertain may wish to explore their interests using online resources, informal networking or volunteering. An internship may be a good choice after they achieve more clarity about their career goals. The Career Counselor in the Career and Transfer Center can assist students in utilizing resources for additional career development.

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