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As students begin their college adventure, they’ll need support – from  family, professors, and fellow students. Students will also need a place they can trust to have the right stuff at the right time and the right price. Our team of experts ensures that we have the course materials and supplies students need to succeed and can assist with any questions students may have.

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Value & Convenience

We have a direct connection with instructors,  which means the materials students need each term will be stocked. Also, because everyone has unique study needs and priorities. The Germanna Bookstore offer a number of textbook formats to suit each unique situation. Students can buy new, used, or digital books, and can rent books. our associates will be happy to help if students are unsure which format best suits them, or if they are unsure what materials are needed for their classes. Students can be confident that the bookstore team will help them get the right materials at the right time.

Savings & Choice

No two students learn the same way or have identical budgets or priorities. That’s why the bookstore offers the convenience and flexibility to let students decide how, when, and where they get their textbooks.

Apparel & Gifts

Students can show off their school spirit with a sweatshirt, water bottle or pennant from the Germanna Community College Bookstores. All of the merchandise is officially licensed. the store carries sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, pants, shorts, outerwear for every taste as well as specialty selections for alumni, parents, and kids. There a variety of gift items to fit every budget. Students will find lanyards, keychains, plush animals, auto accessories, desk accessories, diploma frames, glassware, and more.

Order online

When students order books from, they’re ordering from the Germanna Bookstore. Shop the store online at (or directly at for the Fredericksburg Area Campus and for the Locust Grove Campus) from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. No matter how students shop, they will get  top-notch customer support and access to the largest textbook inventory.

Faculty Resources

Whether it’s submitting what textbook a class is adopting next semester, reviewing peer critiques of a potential textbook selection, adding course-pack materials, the Germanna Bookstores has a tremendous offering of products and services for you, the faculty.

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