Nominate Germanna Community College Faculty or Staff for an Award

Germanna Community College students are encouraged to nominate faculty and staff for a Recognition Award. Faculty or staff can be nominated for an award for any of the following reasons:

  • Providing an invigorating learning environment.
  • Going above and beyond job by doing more or better than would usually be expected.
  • Exemplary behaviors of accountability, innovation, collaboration, teamwork initiative, positive attitude, integrity, good citizenship, and/or sense of public responsibility.
  • Performance of an exceptional deed or service that contributes to student success, a sense of community at the College, or supports the College’s mission.
  • Displaying evidence of work that promotes respect, diversity, and individual dignity throughout the college.

We encourage you to nominate a faculty or staff member now.

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Please describe in detail with specific examples of the reason why the faculty/staff member is deserving of a Recognition Award.

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