Dress for success

Free clothes, shoes, and accessories for interviews, internships, or class presentations. Stop by the Career and Transfer Center at the Fredericksburg Area Campus or pop-up locations at other campuses to find something great to wear to your next business casual or business formal event.

Shower and hygiene supplies

Shampoo, toothpaste, soap and other personal care products are available in our food pantries in a limited supply. If you are in need of any hygiene items, please contact germannacares@germanna.edu.

Grab a hot shower at the Fredericksburg or Locust Grove Campuses anytime that the college is open. Fredericksburg showers located in the first floor restrooms of the Dickinson Building; Locust Grove showers located in the 500 hallway restrooms.

Feminine hygiene products

Free tampons and pads are available in hygiene product dispensers in all women’s restrooms and gender inclusive restrooms. Tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene products are also available at the food pantry at Fredericksburg and Locust Grove.

Gender Inclusive Restroom Locations

  • Gender inclusive restroom at the Fredericksburg Campus is located in the Workforce Building (SP2), down the hallway next to room 105.
  • Gender inclusive restrooms at the Barbara J. Fried Center in Stafford are available in the main hallway.
  • Gender inclusive restrooms at the FredCAT location are located near the vending machines in the hallway kitchenette.
  • Gender inclusive restrooms will be available at Locust Grove and the Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper soon.

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Germanna Cares

  • We care about you. If you need help, contact the Germanna Cares team for emergency assistance, food pantry access, and referrals to community resources.
  • germannacares@germanna.edu

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