Steps for dual enrolling at your high school

Prospective dual enrollment (DE) students must receive qualifying placement test scores in order to enroll. If you have questions about the process, your first point of contact is your high school counselor.

Step 1: Meet with your high school counselor
Step 2: Apply to Germanna
Step 3: Review transcripts and test scores
Step 4: Register for classes
Step 5: Pay tuition

Steps for dual enrolling independently

Home school and high school students who plan on taking Germanna classes outside of their programmed high school day are Independent Dual Enrollment (IDE) students. IDE students must submit all required documentation to a Germanna counselor for consideration each semester they plan to enroll.

Step 1: Apply to Germanna
Step 2: Provide documentation
Step 3: Submit permission to enroll form
Step 4: Submit transcripts and test scores
Step 5: Meet with a Germanna counselor
Step 6: Register for classes and pay tuition

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