CATERING: Outside services such as a caterer may be used. A copy of their proof of insurance and catering license shall be provided at least four (4) weeks prior to the event date.

OPEN FLAME: Organizations, groups, and individuals are not permitted to have fuel or equipment designed for open flame use within the college buildings unless the building or area is specifically designed for such devices or unless written permission is granted by the Campus Safety and Security Manager or the Events Coordinator. Open flame devices include, but are not limited to, candles, sparklers, incense, flammable gel in cans or other devices, pyrotechnic devices, smoke foggers, torches, and butane burners. Food service operations using portable cooking equipment to keep food warm are permitted within the industry guidelines; however, the flammable gel (e.g., sterno) or other warming device must be placed on a non-combustible surface and/ or the flame cannot be allowed close to combustible materials.

ALCOHOL: Alcoholic beverages may be served and consumed in accordance with the framework established by the State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. As applicable, an appropriate ABC license shall be obtained at least four (4) weeks prior to the event date. Applicants must receive GCC approval of rental agreement before applying for an ABC license.


  • GCC Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Business Community
  • General Public

RENTAL PAYMENT: Clients will receive a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) from Center staff outlining the specifics of their event after a signed Facility Use Request Form is received. A deposit of 50% is required with the signed MOA by the date indicated. A deposit may be refunded if the requestor cancels the program, event, or activity at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event. Clients are responsible for payment of all rental and fees assessed by the Thursday prior to the event date. If balance has not been paid, Germanna reserves the right to cancel the event and the deposit will be forfeited or a late fee will be assessed. The Client agrees to pay any direct costs incurred by the Center in preparation for the event. Fees assessed due to overage and/or damages will be billed the first business day following the event.

HOURS AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL: Germanna is open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday-Friday; Saturday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Rental fees are assessed according to half-day, full-day, partial, and/or evening. The event spaces are closed on holidays observed by the College. Use of the facilities shall be automatically canceled when the College is closed due to inclement weather or emergencies.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Use of the College facilities by outside groups will be canceled in conjunction with closings and class cancellations; therefore, if the college is closed, no services are available. Announcements are reported for broadcast to area radio and television stations. Closings are also posted on the college website at

FACILITY CARE: Clients are responsible and accountable for proper care of all Conference facilities and equipment by all participants associated with the program, event, or activity regardless of whether the damage was caused within the room reserved, or elsewhere. Restitution shall be required for any damages and cleaning necessary for any property or equipment damage. The Client assumes any and all risk of loss, damage, or liability whatsoever which the Client, the Client’s officers, agents, employees or invitees may sustain while using the Facilities. The College shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss of personal property which occurs on or about the Facilities caused by the negligence or misconduct of the Client or their use of the Facilities. The Client shall defend, indemnify, and hold the College harmless from any and all losses, expenses, demands, actions, suits, claims or liabilities of whatsoever nature resulting from any injury or death to any persons, or any property damage related to Client’s use of the Facilities.

INSURANCE: The Client shall maintain, at the Client’s expense, during the term of this Agreement, liability insurance in which both the Client and the College, its officers, agents, and employees, are named as insureds with minimum policy limits of two million dollars for personal injuries, including death, and one million dollars in aggregate for all property damage; the term of such coverage shall coincide with the term of this Agreement. The Client shall keep such insurance in place and current throughout the term of this Agreement and shall furnish the College, at least four (4) weeks prior to the Event, with copies of the Certificate of Insurance naming Germanna Community College as additionally insured.

DECORATIONS: There will be no decorations taped, stapled, or pinned to walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, etc. without approval of Germanna staff in advance. The college is not responsible for any items not supplied by the college. Balloons should be secured and may not touch screens.

SECURITY: College police must be used if deemed necessary by Germanna’s Chief of Police or requested by the client group. The client shall be assessed the current rate for services. In the event the College is unable to provide additional security for the event, the client shall coordinate with Germanna’s Chief of Police to obtain approval for any external security staffing. Likewise, the client shall remunerate the approved, external security firm directly without involving Germanna.

SMOKING: Smoking is restricted to designated exterior areas. (Away from doors with disposal in designated receptacles)

ALCOHOL AND SUBSTANCES: The College allows controlled use of alcohol under pre-approved conditions and provided supervision of such use is strictly maintained. Violations of this agreement may result in termination of the event and/or notification of law enforcement. Illegal drugs are not allowed on the college campus under any conditions. County and State laws will apply.

FIRE SAFETY: The number of attendees shall not exceed occupancy limits in rooms and common areas. Use of flammable or environmentally hazardous materials is prohibited.

PARKING: Clients must follow Germanna and state parking rules, i.e., not parking in fire lanes, handicap spaces, double-parking or obstructing access to other users in any way. Violations will be reported to appropriate Germanna and law enforcement authorities.

VACATE THE FACILITY: Clients must vacate the facilities and remove all their materials and equipment within the specified access times as contracted. If clients do not vacate, additional fees may be assessed based on the current rental and services fees.

GERMANNA’S RIGHT TO IMPOSE ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS: Germanna reserves the right to impose upon clients any other conditions it deems necessary to assure compliance with laws, policies, and procedures.

CHILDREN ON CAMPUS: All children are welcome on all campuses but must always be under close parental control. There are no facilities available for care of children while parents or guardians may be elsewhere on campus. Violations can result in parents or guardians being asked to leave the campus until arrangements can be made by them for the care of their children.

PUBLICITY: Client shall not use, in its external advertising or marketing programs any data, pictures, name, insignia, trademarks, pictures, or other representation of the College or its employees except those authorized in writing by the College in advance. Client shall ensure that all advertising of the event identifies the event sponsor. All advertising must include the statement, “Germanna Community College does not sponsor or endorse this event.

Steps to a successful event

  1. Where do I start?
    1. To plan a successful event, you have to start by first deciding what you want to do at your event. While figuring out what you want to do, start thinking about the date, time, expected attendance, and location you are wanting your event to happen. Having this information at the beginning stages will make the event creation process easier for you.
  2. Request a space
    1. Once you know what is happening at your event, choose a space where you want to hold it. Germanna has a variety of rooms that can fit all types of needs: from small meetings to large dance parties.
    2. You see our room options and default layouts here.
    3. Once you’ve chosen your space you’ll need to reserve it. For Germanna departments, you’ll use the on-campus events portal. For external events, you’ll use the facility request form to put in a request for a reservation. A member of the Events team will contact you regarding availability and next steps.
  3. Create a setup
    1. All rooms come with tables and chairs, some with the ability to be rearranged to fit your event needs. For example, DTC 104 comes with additional options for tables that can help make your event work smoother or look better.
    2. Make sure to put in a work order with facilities with your requires setup at least two weeks before your event, so they have the time to
  4. Audio/Visual
    1. Take time to think about what audio and visual equipment you’ll need for your event. Are you showing a film, playing music, or showing a presentation? Does your speaker need a microphone? Make sure to put in an A/V Support Help Desk ticket for the day. This way, the IT department will know about your event and be available to make sure everything works correctly.
  5. Food and Drink
    1. Will your event have any type of refreshments?
    2. Think about the added benefits but also the added work. Food and drink take more time to setup and clean up, but also can add a reason for people to stay longer at your event.
    3. Germanna has no required caterers, but do require all caterers have liability coverage.
    4. Make sure you have the right amount of tables available for the refreshments.
  6. Final Steps
    1. Your event date is coming up! Around three business days before your event, you should double check with the different areas to make sure that all of your event details and information is confirmed and approved.
  7. Enjoy your event!
    1. You put in a lot of hard work! It’s now time to enjoy your event and celebrate its success.

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