On February 6, Dan Maher, President and CEO of the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank, presented Dr. Frank Cirioni, Germanna's Dean of Student Development, with a $8,571.43 check to increase healthy options in the newly expanded Germanna food pantry, Bear Necessities.

"We really admire that you have the sensitivity often overlooked by others, [understanding] that students have real needs," Maher told Dr. Cirioni during the check presentation.

Thanking Maher, Dr. Cirioni said, "The [Fredericksburg] Food Bank is a place where I see the loving hearts and the kindness and the graciousness of our community."

The check was the first that Maher distributed as part of the Federation of Virginia Food Banks Healthy Pantry Initiative Grant Pilot program.

Maher said it was the beginning of a "slow rollout" with the other early recipient, the pantry at New Vision Ministry in Cosner’s Corner. He said Germanna and New Vision were chosen due to their enthusiasm for the project and "their readiness to take on an expanded operation." He said pantries often end up having to purchase healthier options such as fresh fruits and vegetables because most donations of food are canned goods and other processed foods.

Dan maher
Dan Maher, President and CEO of the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank

Jane Teresi, Germanna Cares Social Worker and point person for the pantry, called the Healthy Pantry Initiative "a movement guiding all interested pantries to implement more health-focused and neighbor-centered practices." 

Bear Necessities is a Germanna Cares initiative, primarily funded by the Germanna Educational Foundation, that is available at three Germanna locations—the Fredericksburg Area Campus, the Locust Grove Campus in Orange, and the Barbara J. Fried Center in Stafford, providing students with access to food, toiletries, and other necessities.

The Fredericksburg Area Campus Bear Necessities location was recently expanded to a larger and more accessible space in the Dickinson Building. There was a ribbon-cutting at Tuesday's check presentation ceremony. 

Ribbon cutting
Dr. Frank Cirioni, Dean of Student Development, joined with Dan Maher, the Germanna Cares team, and representatives of the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank, cutting the ribbon to the newly expanded food pantry

The Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank provides support to all of the Bear Necessities locations, but the Healthy Pantry Initiative is limited to the Fredericksburg Area Campus for now. "In the future, we hope to be able to expand HPI to the other Germanna Bear Necessities locations," Teresi said.

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