Germanna students provided free dental care at the annual Give Kids a Smile event at the Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic in Fredericksburg on Friday, February 2. The students treated a total of 13 patients aged 1–18, providing free examinations, dental radiographs, teeth cleanings, fluoride treatment, and both nutritional and oral health education.

Germanna students provided $4,165-worth of free care. These patients will also be returning in the summer and fall for continued dental care including sealants and 6-month prophylaxes. 

"One of our first patients of the day was a 3-year-old little girl with rampant dental decay," said Misty Mesimer, Germanna Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Program Director. "Her front teeth were decayed to the gum line. Faculty member Stephanie Bettis and students were able to apply Silver Diamine Fluoride to arrest further decay on some of the remaining teeth. Referrals were provided for the treatment needed that was outside of our scope. The presence of this severe form of decay can have a significant impact on her overall health, confidence, learning, and the development and eruption of her permanent teeth. And without the eradication of the bacteria and the development of good oral and nutritional habits, she could have similar outcomes for her permanent teeth when they do come in."


A Germanna dental student providing a teeth cleaning to a Give Kids A Smile attendee
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