Story by: Sydney Gaines

Germanna faculty continue to demonstrate their excellence, as four faculty members were selected to receive statewide awards at the 2023 New Horizons Conference.

The annual New Horizons Conference is the premier teaching and learning conference of the Virginia Community College System. Each year, the conference recognizes outstanding faculty, staff, and administrators from across the state who have shown their commitment to student success and contributed to the college at large. Out of the conference's four awards, Germanna faculty have been selected as recipients for two.

The George B. Vaughan Leadership Award for Outstanding Adjunct Faculty will be awarded to Professor Tracy Bowman. Named in honor of national leader Dr. Vaughan's 40 years of dedicated service in community college education, this award recognizes those who have shown commitment to leading their college in a positive direction.

Ben Sherman, Business and Career Coordinator at Germanna's Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper, will be awarded the Excellence in Education, Beyond Ideas in Financial Aid Award. Mr. Sherman is being honored for gathering scholarship dollars for the core craft skills NCCER credential course offered at Central Virginia Regional Jail and Coffeewood Correctional Center. His fundraising efforts give individuals in these facilities the opportunity to gain a credential that could change their lives.

Assistant Professors William Callan and Julia Hamel will be awarded the Excellence in Education, Beyond Ideas in High Impact Practices Award. Both professors will be recognized for establishing a new biology course at Germanna, showing their dedication to making upper-level biology courses available for all. They saw a need to increase accessibility of these courses to better prepare students for transferring to a four-year school. The microbiology course has successfully run for the last few semesters.

Germanna continues to be recognized as a top college in Virginia because of the dedication to excellence that our faculty demonstrates in and out of the classroom.

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