1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to aid personnel with scheduling rooms, parking lots, and/or other spaces and with determining appropriate uses of space.

2.0 Policy

2.1. Germanna Community College (GCC) facilities exist for the primary purpose of academic instruction and student development of and by GCC students, faculty, and staff. As a partner and leader in our service area, as a member of the Virginia Community College System, and as an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the College makes it facilities available to internal and external organizations when not in conflict with internal operations, when it does not plane an undue hardship on College students or employees, and when it is compatible with the policies and procedures contained herein.

2.2 Approval for use of various areas in and around College facilities is delegated to the departments which manages the selected area(s):

2.2.1 Academic and Student Services assigned classrooms, student support areas, and student lounges are approved by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services, or designee.

2.2.2 Workforce assigned classrooms, meeting rooms, gathering spaces, and auditoriums are approved by the Office of the Vice President for Workforce and Community Relations, or designee.

2.2.3 Expressive Activity Use as outlined in Policies 20050, 40290 and 80400.

2.3 The College reserves the right to limit the use of facilities for activities that directly compete with the educational and training mission of the College. Facilities will be available to organizations according to, and in order of, the following priority listing:

  1. Credit or non-credit instruction programs of GCC or activities offered in conjunction with instructional programs of the College.
  2. Educational, student development, and public information activities sponsored by GCC departments.
  3. Programs, events, or activities sponsored by student groups officially recognized by the College.
  4. Programs, events, or activities sponsored by community groups and businesses within the service region of the College as defined by the VCCS.
  5. Programs, events, or activities sponsored by other non-College groups.

2.4 In determining usage, a first-come, first-served basis will be employed within each listing. Once a facility has been confirmed, there will be no alterations or bumping of one group for another group unless a group is not in compliance with the policies and procedures contained herein.

2.5 The following requirements pertain to every user group, whether internal or external:

2.5.1 Users shall observe all College policies, procedures, and regulations.

2.5.2 The Chief Administrative Officer may require a statement of insurance covering use of the facility before approving an application.

2.5.3 Users are responsible and accountable for proper care of all College facilities and equipment by all participants associated with the program, event, or activity regardless of whether the damage was caused within the room reserved or elsewhere. Restitution shall be required for any damages and cleaning necessary for any property or equipment.

2.5.4 Activities shall not be discriminatory or abusive of others by reason of age, sex, race, color, religious beliefs, national origin, or disability.

2.5.5 An officer or authorized representative of the group who shall assume supervisory responsibility for conduct and activities of all persons associated with the event must sign the Facility Use Request form. The name, address, and telephone number for this authorized representative must be provided.

2.5.6 The program, event, or activity shall not interfere with any other authorized program, event or activity, or with operations of the College.

2.5.7 The College does not endorse any sectarian groups or organizations. Programs, events, and activities for political campaigns are discouraged; however, they may be approved if other known political parties for the same political race are given equal opportunity to conduct a similar program, event, or activity.

2.5.8 College Police must be used if deemed necessary by Germanna’s Chief of Police and/or requested by the user group. The user group shall be assessed the current rate for such services.

2.5.9 All participants must comply with existing parking regulations.

2.5.10 Use of facilities shall be automatically cancelled when the College is closed due to inclement weather or emergencies. The College is not liable when facilities are closed due to inclement weather and/or emergencies.

2.5.11 College facilities are NOT available on College recognized holidays (see College academic calendar).

2.5.12 Alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, serving and consumption is covered by Policy and Procedure 70110.

2.5.13 Smoking is restricted to designated exterior areas.

2.5.14 The number of attendees shall be in compliance with occupancy limits.

2.5.15 All events must end by midnight unless prior approval for an extension has been granted.

2.5.16 Users’ property and equipment must be removed from College facilities immediately following the event. Requests for exceptions must be submitted during the rental request process and approvals will be outlined in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and/or official confirmation communications.

2.5.17 The College reserves the right to impose upon users any other reasonable conditions it deems necessary to assure compliance with policies, procedures, and regulations.

2.5.18 User groups are responsible for payment of all rental fees and other fees assessed by the College as applicable. Fees will be refunded or waived if the requestor cancels the program, event, or activity 30 days before the scheduled date and time, or as specified in a separate contract. The College reserves the right to require an advance security deposit from external groups. Requests for use of facilities shall NOT be granted to users with outstanding financial obligations to the College.

2.5.19 Fees are assessed by College Administration based upon the rooms and areas approved for usage, the classification of the group, and desired services. Fee modifications may be made at the discretion of College Administration.

3.0 Procedures

3.1. External groups who wish to request rental space shall be directed to Germanna’s Events Coordinator who will identify availability and review potential needs. Reservation requests by external groups shall be submitted through Germanna’s Facility Use Request form. Reservations will be confirmed once the completed form is received and will not be considered “reserved” until the Events Coordinator releases official confirmation communications.

3.2. External groups with intent for expressive activity use shall request per Policies 20050, 40290, and 80400.

3.3 Internal groups and departments conducting official college business must enter their request for use in Germanna’s reservation system ActiveData. Requestors enter their desired location(s) for reservation and the request is reviewed and approved by the appropriate department who manages the selected space.

3.4 Persons/offices with approval authority for assigned areas shall approve requests, monitor master schedules of facility usage and availability, and maintain supporting files.

3.5 All schedules and the master calendar shall be consulted when reviewing pending requests for approval

3.6 Service departments required to provide additional services for the request, such as room set-up, tech support, and security shall be consulted to ensure they can provide the services and timing requested.

3.7 Germanna’s Center for Workforce Events Coordinator shall fulfill communications for external group rentals according to the specified agreement/contract.

3.8 Germanna’s Center for Workforce personnel shall support events/activities consisting of a Workforce Training Partnership according to the specified agreement/contract.

3.9 Internal groups shall support their specific events and will be responsible for directly communication their needs to the appropriate Germanna Support Services Departments as well as notifying Germanna’s Police Department regarding the date and details of their approved event.

3.10 At the conclusion of the event, the office authorizing use of the facility is responsible for checking the condition of the facility in a timely manner. The authorizing office shall notify the Facilities department and the user group if any clean-up is required and shall assess the cleaning fee to the user group and provide a copy to the Business Office. If equipment is damaged or missing, the authorizing office must work with Technology Services or other departments providing the service to assess a fee for the damaged or missing equipment and provide a copy to the Business Office for any such fee.

3.11 A copy of all approvals requiring an amount to be paid to the College shall be forwarded to the Business Office at the conclusion of the event so that the requesting group may be billed. Payments should be made to the Business Office. If payments are accepted in another office, the funds must be transmitted to the Business Office within twenty-four (24) hours.

4.0 Definitions

4.1 Active Data – College central calendar for space reservations

4.2 Expressive Activity – VCCS Policy 6.5.1

4.3 Chief Administrative Officer – Vice President for Administrative Services

4.4 College Administration – College President and/or authorized Vice President(s)

5.0 References

Facility Use Request Form

Expressive Activity Policies 20050, 40290, and 80400

Code of Virginia Sections 4.1-100 and 4.1-200

6.0 Point of Contact

Vice President for Administrative Services

Vice President for Workforce and Community Relations

7.0 Approval and Revision Dates

College Council: April 24, 2015

President’s Council: June 4, 2002; August 15, 2005; August 14, 2006; June 2, 2008; May 18, 2015

College Board: May 21, 2015

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