1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to specify that students may not register for a course section after posted deadlines. The College Calendar specifies registration dates and deadlines for all courses offered for credit. On-time registration is a well-researched practice that demonstrates students are more likely to complete a course successfully when they register early or at least on time.

2.0 Policy

Students may not register for a course section after posted deadlines. Late registration for a course section outside the specified registration dates may be considered only under exceptional circumstances such as the following:

  • Incorrect placement in a course
  • Recommendation by instructor or dean
  • Emergency change in the College Schedule of Classes

3.0 Procedures

The College Calendar publishes registration dates and deadlines for registration at least one academic year in advance. Students are advised of those registration dates and deadlines through multiple sources, including the college website, Admissions and Records, information sessions, required orientation sessions for new students, required Student Development Classes in the first semester, the Welcome Center, faculty advisors, success coaches, financial aid advisors, and counseling staff. Students are encouraged to register early and are required to register by posted deadlines. Requests for exceptions to this policy may be directed to a dean or designee.

4.0 Definitions

To register for a course section means to enroll formally as a student to receive instruction for college credit.

5.0 References

6.0 Point of Contact

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services

7.0 Approval and Revision Dates

College Council: November 21, 2104
President’s Council: December 15, 2014
College Board: First Reading – November 20, 2014; Approved – January 15, 2015

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