1.0 Purpose

To demonstrate the College’s commitment to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens it serves by assuring that a drug-free workplace is maintained and that the employees perform their duties unimpaired by the effects of drugs or alcohol, in compliance with the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 2001 (SDFSCA).

2.0 Policy

2.1 The unlawful or unauthorized use of alcohol or other drugs on college property is prohibited. Any person employed by Germanna Community College shall not unlawfully possess, sell, use, manufacture, give away, or otherwise distribute controlled substances or other drugs, or, where prohibited, alcohol while on campus, attending a college-sponsored off-campus event, or while serving as a representative of the College at off-campus meetings. Violations of this policy shall be handled according to existing human resource policies and procedures governing the conduct of administrators, faculty, and staff. Further, for employees who allegedly commit a criminal offense related to this policy, the college reserves the right to notify the appropriate agencies of the U.S. Government, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and county and/or governments for investigation and, if warranted, prosecution.

2.2 The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted at any GCC campus or site except in the case of College hosted events, or by external entities who have an approved facility usage agreement with the College in accordance with Policy 20010: Use of College Facilities.

2.3 Violations

2.3.1 Each of the following constitutes a violation of this policy: The unlawful or unauthorized manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of alcohol or other drugs in the workplace. Impairment in the workplace from the use of alcohol or other drugs, except the use of drugs for legitimate medical purposes. A criminal conviction for a: Violation of any criminal drug law, based upon conduct occurring either on or away from the workplace; and Violation of any alcoholic beverage control law or law that governs driving while intoxicated, based upon conduct occurring in the workplace. An employee’s failure to report to his/her supervisor the employee’s conviction of any offense, as required in Section 2.1- Report Convictions of this policy.

2.4 Disciplinary Action

2.4.1 Any employee who violates this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, including discharge, referral for criminal prosecution, and/or referral to an assistance or rehabilitation program at the discretion of management.

2.4.2 Any employee who is referred to an assistance or rehabilitation program must satisfactorily participate in such a program. Satisfactory participation in such program shall be determined by management after consultation with the individual or organization providing assistance or rehabilitation and/or Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

2.5 Employee Responsibilities

As a condition of employment, all employees shall:

2.5.1 Abide by the Department of Human Resources Management (DHRM) Policy 1.05, Alcohol and Other Drugs;

2.5.2 Abide by the terms of the College policy; and

2.5.3 Notify the immediate supervisor of any conviction of criminal drug law in or outside of the workplace; or alcohol beverage control law or law that governs driving while intoxicated based on conduct occurring in the workplace no later than five (5) days after such conviction is entered, as required by Federal law. An employee’s appeal of a conviction does not affect the employee’s obligation to report the conviction.

2.6 College Responsibilities

2.6.1 The College shall ensure that all new employees are provided with a copy of this policy, including resource information on the health risks associated with the illicit use of drugs or the abuse of alcohol, and a general description of criminal sanctions under Federal and state law, for the unlawful possession or distribution of drugs and alcohol, as required by The safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 2001 (SDFSCA). Furthermore, the College shall inform its employees of the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace, available drug and alcohol counseling, and rehabilitation and employee assistance programs.

2.6.2 The College shall ensure that disciplinary actions taken as a result of a violation of this policy are consistent, fairly applied, and not unduly harsh or punitive based on the severity and nature of the violation.

2.6.3 The College shall inform the Federal contracting and granting agency within ten (10) days after receiving notice from an employee or any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring at the workplace or otherwise receiving actual notice of such conviction, as required by the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

2.6.4 The College shall, within thirty (30) days of receiving notice of an employee’s conviction for a criminal drug statute offense occurring in the workplace, take appropriate disciplinary action against such employee and/or require such employee to participate satisfactorily in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program as required by the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988

2.7 Rehabilitation Programs

2.7.1 Employees experiencing a problem with drug or alcohol abuse or dependency are encouraged to seek counseling assistance. Supervisors are encourage to assist employees seeking such assistance. Notwithstanding an employee’s voluntary participation in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, the employee is expected to perform his/her duties according to developed job standards and expectations.

2.7.2 The Commonwealth’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to full-time state employees (who participate in the Commonwealth’s healthcare program) for counseling and referral for drug and alcohol-related problems as well as other personal problems. Part-time college employees shall be referred to community resource programs.

2.7.3 With respect to any violation of this policy, the following provisions regarding rehabilitation apply: Supervisors should consult with the Associate Vice President of Human Resources prior to referring a college employee to the Employee Assistance Program. Management is encouraged to consult with the Associate Vice President of Human Resources in determining whether a college employee referred to the Employee Assistance Program has satisfactorily participated in the program.

2.7.4 Other agencies, such as the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services and the Virginia Department of Health, may be contacted to provide assistance and referral information.

2.7.5 Employees may be granted a leave of absence (leave without pay if no leave balances are available) to participate in the EAP for treatment of drug or alcohol abuse at the discretion of management.

2.8 Confidentiality and Maintenance of Records

2.8.1 All records and information concerning human resource actions related to this policy shall remain confidential and shall be disclosed only with the employee’s permission or when Human Resources and the supervisor determines that disclosure is necessary for the efficient operation of the College.

2.9 Coverage of College Faculty and Staff

2.9.1 This policy is applicable to all employees of the College.

2.10 Biennial Review

2.10.1 The College shall conduct periodic reviews (at least biennially) of its drug prevention programs to determine their effectiveness to ensure that disciplinary sanctions are consistently enforced and to implement changes as required.

2.11 Events: Service and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on College Campuses and Centers

2.11.1 The Office of the President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services, the Vice President for Administrative Services, and the Vice President of Workforce and Community Relations are authorized to organize, sponsor, or approve functions and events at which alcoholic beverages will be served. Student organizations are not permitted to sponsor or organize on-campus functions or events at which alcoholic beverages will be served.

As applicable, an appropriate alcoholic beverage license will be secured for any function at which alcoholic beverages will be served and/or sold in accordance with the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Alcoholic beverages may only be served and consumed in conjunction with food, and the availability of non-alcoholic beverages is required. Only persons of legal age (21 years) shall be permitted to engage in the consumption or serving of alcoholic beverages. The sponsor is responsible for verifying the age of participating attendees. The serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted only in the area(s) designated for the scheduled event. Event sponsors shall not permit the entry or exit of persons with alcoholic beverage containers. Alcoholic beverages must be purchased with a private fund. Under no circumstances may state or local funds be used to purchase alcoholic beverages. The use of GCC Educational Foundation funds to purchase alcoholic beverages requires the prior approval of the President. Such approval can be requested on the Request for Authorization to Serve Alcoholic Beverages form. The appropriate Vice President or designee will notify the College Police Department of all approved events.

3.0 Procedures

3.1 Education and Prevention

The College is committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of all employees. Above and beyond potential disciplinary action resulting from the possession or consumption of illegal substances on campus the College recognizes the need and responsibility to provide information and counseling services regarding the hazards of substance abuse. The following activities and services will be offered at Germanna Community College in an effort to prevent substance abuse by faculty and staff:

3.1.1 All new employees will receive and acknowledge by signature the “Summary of Commonwealth of Virginia’s Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs.”

3.1.2 All new employees will be directed to an acknowledge by signature the Germanna Community College Employee Handbook housed on the College’s intranet (Germanna Central), which summarizes the College’s Substance and Alcohol Abuse Policy and includes a link to the full text of the College’s Substance and Alcohol Abuse Policy.

3.1.3 The College’s Substance and Alcohol Abuse Policy will be made available to all employees on the College’s intranet site (Germanna Central).

3.1.4 The College’s CommonHealth Program will routinely incorporate information regarding the hazards of alcohol and substance abuse while promoting healthy lifestyle options for college employees.

3.1.5 The Associate Vice President of Human Resources will ensure that college training opportunities in the areas of safety, workers’ compensation, and other human resource topics will incorporate the hazards of alcohol and substance abuse in the workplace.

3.2 External Events

3.2.1 Alcoholic beverages may be served and consumed in accordance with the framework established by the State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. As applicable, an appropriate ABC license and verification of insurance of liability coverage shall be obtained. A copy of these documents must be on file at Germanna Community College (GCC) at least two weeks prior to the event.

3.2.2 Alcoholic beverages may be served and consumed only in conjunction with food served by an approved caterer who has provided proof of insurance coverage at least 30 days in advance.

3.2.3 Service of alcoholic beverages at events without full dining service shall be limited to three (3) hours and may be subject to other condition depending on the specifics of the event, i.e. type of alcohol served – beer and wine or liquor. Sponsors may be required to serve food that is more substantial than snacks if liquor is to be served.

3.2.4 Requestors must allow Germanna’s Police Department to monitor the event if GCC determines it to be necessary. Costs for extra hours for Police Department staff will be the responsibility of the requestor.

3.2.5 Note: Applicant must receive GCC approval of rental agreement before applying for an ABC license. Further, failure to obtain an appropriate ABC license or insurance certificate, as applicable will result in cancellation of the rental agreement.

4.0 Definitions

4.1 External event: Events held at GCC facilities are outside entities with contracts for event services.

5.0 References

DHRM Policy 1.05 Alcohol and Other Drugs
VCCS Alcoholic Beverages at Social Functions (SB)
Code of Virginia, Sections 4.1-100 and 4.1-200 
Forms: Request for Authorization to Serve Alcoholic Beverages

6.0 Point of Contact

Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Vice President for Administrative Services
Vice President for Workforce and Community Relations
Chief of Police

7.0 Approval and Revision Dates

College Council: April 24, 2015
President’s Council: June 2, 2008; May 18, 2015
College Board: May 21, 2015

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