1.0 Purpose

This policy shall establish a process and procedure by which Germanna Community College can document instances where an exception to academic policy is necessary.

2.0 Policy

2.1 In instances of acceptable mitigating circumstances, or error on the part of Germanna administrators, faculty, or staff, exceptions to academic policies.

2.2 Academic policy is defined as those policies listed in the Germanna Academic Catalog and Student Handbook.

2.3 Mitigating circumstances are those considered to be beyond the student’s control, and cannot include pre-existing conditions.

2.4 All mitigating circumstances and errors by Germanna personnel must be documented officially (i.e. a letter from the student’s doctor on official letterhead, documented acknowledgement by the responsible personnel about the error made, etc.).

2.5 The exception to policy cannot be used to override state or federal policies or regulations.

2.6 Any exception to policy must be approved by the Vice President of Academics and Workforce.

3.0 Procedure

3.1 An exception to academic policy may be requested by the student, or on behalf of the student, and must be submitted to the appropriate academic dean for review.

3.2 Once the appropriate academic dean has signed the form with their recommendation, the form will then go to the Vice-President of Academics and Workforce for evaluation.

3.3 The Vice-President of Academics and Workforce will make a final determination, and provide the form to the Office of Admissions and Records with specific instructions for processing.

3.4 The Office of Admissions and Records will notify the student of the outcome of the request for an exception via their VCCS student email account.

4.0 Definitions

5.0 References

6.0 Point of Contact

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development

7.0 Approval

Leadership Council: Approval Date - 02/23/2018

College Board: Approval Date - 03/15/2018

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