1.0 Purpose

This is a statement of policy regarding access control of buildings and property owned or operated by Germanna Community College. This policy will serve as the framework by which keys to College buildings will be issued, monitored, and maintained. The Facilities Manager shall implement and oversee the procedures set forth herein.

The Facilities Manager shall work closely with the campus communities to ensure that all College access needs are met.

1.1 Objectives

1.1.1 To achieve maximum physical security with minimum logistics.

1.1.2 To establish control of the campus key system, including key duplication and distribution.

1.1.3 To establish a recorded chain of accountability for all keys issued.

1.1.4 To restore physical security in a timely manner whenever key control has been compromised.

2.0 Policy

This policy applies to any individual who is granted authorized access to any Germanna Community College property and to all keys and devices that control access to Germanna Community College.

2.1 Individual Responsibility

2.1.1 No person shall knowingly possess an unauthorized key to property owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia through Germanna Community College. The Buildings & Grounds Department are the only authorized vendors for College keys.

2.1.2 All keys remain the property of Germanna Community College. Keys that are no longer needed shall be promptly returned to the Facilities Manager.

2.1.3 All members of the College community are responsible for keys assigned to them.

2.1.4 Lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately through the appropriate department head to the Facilities Manager.

2.1.5 The installation, changing, or removal of locks shall be performed only by an authorized Buildings & Grounds employee.

2.2 Departmental Responsibility

2.2.1 Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, or Department Heads, or their specific designates shall be the only personnel authorized to request keys or lock changes within their respective departments. Departmental designates shall have their authority delegated in writing by their respective departments.

2.2.2 Each department is responsible for enforcing a key return policy. All faculty and staff members must promptly surrender all College keys assigned to them upon termination or transfer to another department.

2.2.3 Keys are not to be transferred from their assigned carrier to another without approval from the Facilities Manager.

2.2.4 Each department is responsible for the total cost of lock changes and new keys to secure areas comprised by lost or stolen keys.

2.3 Policy Enforcement

2.3.1 The College regards any violation of this policy as a serious threat to security, including security compromises caused by failure to retrieve keys from departing users.

2.3.2 Individuals who violate this policy are subject to the terms described in sections 18.2-503 and 18.1-408 of the Code of Virginia and applicable sections of the Standards of Conduct and Performance for State Employees.

3.0 Procedures

3.1 Any Departmental Service Requests for lock changes and/or keys should be completed and forwarded to the Facilities Manager. For assistance in proper completion of request, please contact the Facilities Manager.

3.2 The department requesting keys will sign an Employee Agreement, which will be filed in the Facilities Manager’s Office. Once the key orders are completed, the keys will be delivered to the assignee.

4.0 Definitions

5.0 References

5.1 Virginia Tech, Policy 5620: Access Control: Key Control Policy.

5.2 Code of Virginia, 18.2-503.and 18.1-408.

5.3 Standards of Conduct and Performance for State Employees.

6.0 Point of Contact

Garland Fenwick

Facilities Manager

(540) 972-3107

7.0 Approval and Revision Dates

Garland Fenwick, July 2002

President’s Council, October 7, 2002

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