1.0 Purpose

To establish basic guidelines for appropriate work attire, which will promote a positive image of Germanna Community College but also allow for flexibility to maintain positive morale, respect individual religious, cultural, and ethnic attire and give due consideration to safety and sound business practice.

2.0 Policy

The following guidelines are established to assist employees in promoting a professional and safe working environment.

3.0 Procedures

3.1 This policy applies to all employees, except Teaching Faculty.

3.2 Police, security, and facilities employees are uniformed and therefore the clothing guideline does not apply when these employees are in uniform.

3.3 Work Study Students frequently work in support of regular department employees in return for local or federal financial aid. Dress for these employees is business casual or relaxed casual depending on the departments business needs.

3.4 Supervisors and Managers are responsible for monitoring compliance and are encouraged to provide coaching as necessary. Assistance from the Human Resource office is available if needed.  Supervisors and Managers may implement additional provisions to the dress code as appropriate for their department or areas.

3.5 If necessary, enforcement can be addressed as part of the Department of Human Resource Management Standards of Conduct policy #1.60. This policy provides corrective action guidance which ranges from an informal discussion to more serious actions.  Prior to enforcement actions, supervisors should consult with the Human Resource office.

3.6 Basic guidelines are provided for the following categories: Business Professional, Business Casual and Relaxed Casual.

a. Clothes should be proper fitting and in good repair. Clothes should be clean and neat in appearance.

b. All employees are expected to dress in Business Professional attire during special events, outside meetings, or when directed.

c. All other times, Business Casual attire is appropriate.

d. Only on Spirit Days or at your supervisor’s permission is Relaxed Casual.

1. Fridays are designated Spirit Day.

2. When units are participating in a Spirit Day, signs should be posted to explain that this is a Relaxed Casual Day at Germanna.

e. It is expected that all employees will adhere to the guidelines outlined and will address any concerns or questions with their immediate supervisor or Human Resource Department staff.

f. The College President may waive the dress code on special occasions as appropriate.

3.7 Special issues

a. Religious, cultural, or ethnic attire

Nothing in this policy is intended to abridge rights at law relating to non-discrimination, or hinder the advancement of diversity at the college. Significant flexibility in freedom of choice will be shown in relation to religious or ethnic attire.

b. Facial hair, jewelry, hairstyles

Nothing in this policy is intended to regulate individual choices such as beards, jewelry or hairstyles. Job related safety when operating potentially dangerous machinery with moving parts, or jobs with public health considerations may nevertheless require some personal adjustments.

4.0 Definitions

4.1 Business Professional

Examples include business suits, professional dresses, sports jackets with tie, dress pants, skirt suits or pant suits, button down or traditional business shirts or turtlenecks, and dress shoes. All employees are encouraged to keep jewelry, makeup, and perfume/cologne subtle.

4.2 Business Casual

Examples include dresses, khakis or similar type pants, dress capris, skirts, shirts/blouses or golf-type shirts with collars, sweaters, vests, jacket without tie, and dress shoes.

4.3 Relaxed Casual

Germanna logo items or colors must be worn.  Examples include jeans, tee-shirts or other attire with Germanna logo or Germanna colors.  No shorts or athletic/yoga wear.  All items are expected to be clean and in good repair (no holes).

5.0 References

Department of Human Resource Management Employee Handbook

6.0 Point of Contact

Associate Vice President of Human Resources

7.0 Approval and Revision Dates

President’s Cabinet:  March 25, 2016; October 24, 2018

Leadership Council:  April 18, 2016; November 30, 2018

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