1.0 Purpose

In accordance with best practices and to be compliant with Federal regulations pertaining to Financial Aid Course Audits (FACA), the Change of Curriculum Policy has been established for students who wish to change their program or course of study while at Germanna Community College. The policy is designed to ensure students maintain eligibility for financial aid and to allow Germanna to remain compliant with best practices and Federal regulations. Students have the flexibility to change their program or course of study while at Germanna but in a timely way that does not interfere with either their ability to qualify for Financial Aid and Veterans benefits or their progression to degree and certificate attainment.

2.0 Policy

Students who wish to add, remove or change their curriculum (program of study) while at Germanna Community College must complete a Request for a Change of Curriculum or Advisor form available at the Welcome Centers and Online and submit to any Welcome Center.  The change will be effective during the current term if submitted prior to the census date.  All requests received after the identified date will be effective for the next term.

3.0 Procedure

3.1 Students who wish to change their program or course of study while at Germanna Community College should discuss their intentions with an academic advisor.

3.2 Once a decision to transfer to another program has been finalized, the student must submit a Change of Curriculum or Advisor form to any Welcome Center.

3.3 Students who have transferred in credits from another institution must request a new evaluation of their transcript based on their new program.

3.4 Graduation requirements will be determined by the catalog in effect at the time of the curriculum change. Please see “Catalog used for graduation” under “graduation requirements and procedures” in the current catalog.

3.5 Admissions and Records will update the program within 10 business days, students will see the change during the term for which it is effective.

4.0 Definitions

4.1 Census date: last day to withdrawal with a refund

5.0 References

Federal code 34 CFR 668.34

6.0 Point of Contact

Vice President for Student Success

7.0 Approvals

College Council: November 18, 2016
President’s Council: December 12, 2016
College Board: January 12, 2017

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