Germanna’s plan to being an anti-racist institution

We are unequivocally committed to being an anti-racist institution. To achieve this goal, a team was charged with developing a framework for a Truth and Reconciliation Strategic Plan. Over the summer, the plan was developed in collaboration with all areas of the College through thoughtful discussion and feedback. We’re excited to share this initial draft.


Germanna Community College repudiates racism and is committed to challenging the inequitable treatment of oppressed and marginalized groups. We are an institution where people of all identities, backgrounds, and perspectives feel welcome, safe, and included. Our administration, faculty, staff, and students will transform the learning environment to challenge and defeat hatred and ignorance with new equitable narratives reflective of diverse histories and traditions. Germanna will be at the forefront of Virginia’s reckoning with its history of slavery, the Civil War, segregation, and racial oppression. Through outreach, research, and healing dialogue, we will work to honestly assess and acknowledge the lived experiences of those disregarded or silenced throughout the Nation’s past and present.


  • Goal 1: Develop and maintain a campus climate and culture of understanding, respect, and support for the advancement of diversity through comprehensive programming that fosters accountability and continued achievement.
  • Goal 2:  Increase the emphasis on diverse and inclusive teaching and learning through a review of course content, delivery, and teaching methods to identify, understand, and address social problems and systemic barriers impacting our students and communities.
  • Goal 3: Increase college outreach, dialogue, and involvement with regional leaders, underrepresented and marginalized communities to build trust and promote engagement and change through meaningful relationships and partnerships.
  • Goal 4: Recruit, hire, retain, and promote an increased percentage of historically underrepresented and other diverse faculty and staff by focusing on equity, cultural awareness, and sense of belonging throughout the employee recruitment, onboarding, and retention processes.
  • Goal 5: Rectify achievement gaps among student populations by providing academic and personal support that promotes student success by increasing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engage together in student activities and programming.

In addition, the College has added a sixth goal to its strategic plan: Foster an intentional culture of excellence in diversity, equity, and opportunity

Planning Team

  • Scott Ackerman, Coordinator for Teaching and Learning
  • Shashuna Gray, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Faculty
  • Kelley Lloyd, Faculty
  • Tiffany Ray, Vice President of Student Services
  • Eric Vanover, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, Faculty
  • Jeanne Wesley, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Workforce Development

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Equity Advancement

Dr. Keyanna Hawkins
Interim Director of Equity Advancement

Samantha Sharkey
Interim Coordinator of Equity Advancement




Aries Wilson
Academic Advisor of Equity Advancement

DeMareo T. Williams
Program Assistant for Equity Advancement & Early College Programs

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