Thank you for considering the Nursing Programs at Germanna Community College.

Germanna offers different Nursing Programs. We recommend that you read about each program to select the Nursing Program that fits you. It is then recommended that the application deadlines are reviewed before you begin to complete the application steps. We look forward to you joining our Nursing Programs.

Select Nursing Program

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Practical Nurse Program Option

  • Become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • 2 semesters long

Class Locations

  • Daniel Technology Center (DTC)
  • Locust Grove Campus (LGC)
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LPN - RN Advanced Standing Program Option

  • 3 semesters long
  • LPNs desiring to return to school to become a RN
  • LPNs can receive credit for their LPN coursework by passing the HESI LPN-RN Mid-curricular Exam
  • Must meet all RN program requirements

Class Location

  • Locust Grove Campus (LGC)
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Registered Nurse Program Option

Option 1: Traditional, Full-time Program Option (4 semesters long)

Option 2: Part-time Hybrid Evening Weekend Program Option (6 semesters long)

  • Classes are held online via zoom in the evenings
  • Clinical and labs are held on the weekends (including Sundays)

Class Locations

  • Locust Grove Campus (LGC)
  • Barbara J. Fried Center (BJF)

Application Deadlines

The RN, PN Program and LPN-RN Advanced Standing Programs application deadlines.

  • February 1st through March 15th - Program starts in Fall
  • September 1st through October 15th - Program starts in Spring

RN Part-time Program

  • February 1st through March 15th - Program starts in Summer
Complete Steps for Admittance to Nursing Programs
Become a Germanna Student
Register for and Complete Prerequisites
Meet with a Nursing Program Advisor
Complete Admission Exam
Complete Background Check
Review Nursing Program Information and Requirements


  • Submitting an application does not guarantee admission into the nursing program.
  • You must be a Germanna student to apply.
  • NSG classes are offered at both the Locust Grove campus and the Barbara J. Fried (Stafford) Center. Students interested in attending NSG classes at the Stafford Center will be selected by a lottery following admissions to the program. You are not guaranteed admissions to the Stafford center by applying.

Healthcare Technician (Nursing Aid/Certified Nursing Assistant)

Do you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)? Did you know that you can register for CNA courses after you apply to Germanna? 

  • No nursing application necessary
  • CNA Courses are 8 - weeks long
  • CNA Prerequisites: Direct placement into ENG 111 with or without corequisite support and MDE 10 or higher
  • HCT 101 (4 credits) *Taken at the same time as HCT 102
  • HCT 102 (3 credits) 

Do you need help with a Nursing Program Application?

Please contact the nursing department for assistance with your nursing application.

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