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What are the hours and contact information for Financial Aid, Bookstore, A&R, Testing, Counseling, Business Office?

Please use links below to access the hours for each listed department

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Admission, Application, Applying

What is the difference between applying at Germanna and registering for classes?

Applying to the college and registering for classes is not the same. A student must apply to the school before they can register for classes. You can apply online by going to the Admissions & Records Office website.

I don't know my student ID number or my sign-on information, how do I get them?

Look up your username and set your password.

I have questions about the application process.

Many application questions are answered on the Admissions & Records Office website.

I have applied to Germanna, now what?

View Becoming A Germanna Student Webpage.

When I try to put in an application I get a message that says ?information entered conflicts with existing records?.

Have you put in an application to one of the VA Community Colleges in the past (years ago or even last semester). When entering your ?new? application you will need to match the name to the one that already exists.

Example: If a woman used her maiden name then she would have to use it this time too; once the application is in she can then fill out a change form to correct her name. If a student used Mister or Mrs. on the original application then they must do the same thing this time; if they spelled out their middle name or didn?t use a middle name or just used an initial the first time, then they have to do the same on the current application for it to be accepted.

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Registering, Adding a Class, Dropping a Class

I want to take classes at Germanna, what are the requirements?

In order to register for classes, you MUST:

Have a current Application for Admission on file in the Admission & Records Office. A returning student who has not enrolled in classes within the last three years must submit a new Application for Admission. For an online application, go to the Admissions & Records Office website and click the Admissions Application link.

  1. Be a returning student with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher, be a transient student, or be a student who possesses a baccalaureate degree.
  2. Be in good academic standing. You cannot enroll online if you are currently on academic suspension or dismissal.
  3. Be in good financial standing with GCC.
  4. Have successfully completed all required developmental courses.

Note: Students who self-advise and register online accept responsibility for satisfying course prerequisites and selecting courses that meet program requirements or career/personal goals. The College is not responsible for decisions made as a self-advising student or errors made through online registration.

How do I register for classes?

  1. Login to myGCC. (Click here for problems logging in)
  2. Once you are logged in to myGCC, click VCCS: Student Information System under My Tools.
  3. Click Student Center.
  4. Click Add a Class.
  5. Select Term If you do not see the correct term, see User Preferences or Term Activation FAQs.
  6. Search for Classes, click Search, or enter the 5-digit Class Nbr and click Enter.
  7. Select the class by clicking the green Select Class button, then the green Next button on the following page.
  8. Repeat the steps until you have all the classes you want listed in the Enrollment Shopping Cart.
  9. Click Proceed to Step 2 of 3
  10. Click Finish Enrolling.

Where can I view the current course offerings online?

Click this link: Class Schedule. A new browser window will open.

Use the Search options in the drop-down menus to select semester, location and discipline.

Why am I unable to register for my classes online?

There are several reasons why a student would be blocked from registering themselves online. Common reasons as to why students would not be able to register themselves online are: If a student has a hold on their account (dept. to college, library dept., foreign applicant, proof of self-sufficiency, etc.), under 18 years of age, are a dual-enrolled, joint-enrolled or a home school student, or if the student does not meet the proper requirements for the class which they are registering. Students can contact the Admissions and Records or the Counseling department for more information.

When I try to register it shows a college other than Germanna, and/or the current Term is not available.

You will need to change your User Preferences.

  1. Login to myGCC. (Click here for problems logging in)
  2. Once you are logged in to myGCC, click VCCS: Student Information System under My Tools.
  3. Click Student Center.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click User Preferences under Personal Information.
  5. Under the Institution drop-down menu select Germanna Community College. Use the magnifying glass icon to select the current Term.
  6. Click Save.

The current Term is not available for me to select when I try to register.

Most likely you are not term activated. For term activation, please contact Admissions and Records at 540-891-3020 (FAC) or 540-423-9122 (LGC).

After I register, how soon will my class show up in Blackboard?

Your course should be made available to you in Blackboard by the first day of classes. If your course is still not available to you by the second day of class, please contact your instructor. To find instructor contact information, please go to theFaculty Directory.

Note: Only online courses are guaranteed to have a Blackboard component. If you are taking a traditional (face-to-face) course and are unsure, please check with your instructor to see if he/she has made the course available on Blackboard.

How do I know if a class is online, hybrid or interactive video?

  • W in the course section number denotes an online course, for example: ACC 121-W01. All instruction is delivered online with a minimum of two proctored activities.
  • H in the course section number denotes a hybrid course, for example: ACC 122-H81. A hybrid course is generally a combination of campus lecture and online instruction.
  • V in the section number denotes an interactive video course, for example: ACC 200-V01. Interactive video courses are offered simultaneously at multiple campuses using a live interactive video system. Students on both campuses will interact with instructor who will alternate between campuses.

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How do I pay for my class once I have registered?

View Paying for College Webpage

  1. Login to myGCC. (Click here for problems logging in)
  2. Once you are logged in to myGCC, click VCCS: Student Information System under My Tools.
  3. Click Student Center.
  4. Click Make a Payment.
  5. Enter credit card information (Visa, MasterCard or Amex only).
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Pay Charges to pay for all classes or pay charges individually.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Submit.

Pay Plan/Credit Classes

Pay Plan/Workforce

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What day/time is the placement test offered?

Please check the testing services website for the most up-to-date placement testing dates and times. You must have a completed Germanna application on file, GCC student ID number, and Government issued photo ID in order to take the placement test.

Proctored Activity

What is a proctored activity?

A proctored activity can be, but not limited to, an exam, meeting, report or group discussion. A proctored activity is one that is overseen by the instructor or an impartial individual, called a proctor, who monitors a student while he or she is taking an exam or completing the activity. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the process, and that all guidelines set forth by the instructor are followed. More information can be found under Proctored Activity Information.

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Classes/Courses or Schedule

What programs of study does Germanna offer?

Germanna offers a large number of Associates degrees and Certificates that can be found on the Academics website.

Academics- Programs of Study

Where can I view the current course offerings online?

Click this link: Class Schedule. A new browser window will open.

Use the Search options in the drop-down menus to make semester, location and discipline selections.

How do I look up which classes are still open?

Through your myGCC Student Information Systems. Enrollment: Add Classes. Classes that have a green circle are open. Classes with a blue square are full.

How do I view my schedule?

  1. Login to myGCC. (Click here for problems logging in)
  2. Click VCCS: Student Information System under My Tools.
  3. Click Student Center.
  4. Click My Class Schedule.

How many courses do you need to take in order to be a full time student?

Typically full time is considered twelve credit hours or more (this includes developmental classes).

Can I take my classes online?

You may take classes online as long as you have a GPA of at least a 2.0 and meet the proper pre-requisites for the course. Please note, most of the developmental classes are not offered online.

What are the prerequisites for the RN or LPN nursing program?

Nursing pre-advising checklists can be found on Germanna's Nursing website.

Germanna Nursing Website

What courses will transfer to a 4-year institution?

On our Transfer website, you will find transfer guides for the majority of colleges and universities in the state of Virginia as well as the transfer electives list.

Transfer Guides

Transfer Electives List

Where can I get help with my classes?

Free individual and group tutoring is available through Tutoring Services. A full description of on campus and online tutoring services is available at:

Tutoring Services Website

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Where do I find my grades online?

  1. Login to myGCC. (Click here for problems logging in)
  2. Click VCCS: Student Information System under My Tools.
  3. Select View My Grades under Academic Records.
  4. Select the correct term in the Term drop-down menu and click Change.

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Whatever your learning or research needs, library resources can help you succeed in your career as a student at Germanna. Library collections include print, media and electronic materials. Whether you need a book or scholarly article for a paper, a place to study individually or with a group, or help with research from a Librarian, the Library is here to help.

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Student ID Cards

Where do I get a student ID?

At the beginning of every semester, emails are sent to your student email and posters are put up around campus announcing when photos will be taken for ID's. A photo session is done on each campus at each Center. If you want to have an ID done, it MUST be done at the beginning of the semester. ID's are not required of students at GCC. There is a $5 replacement fee if you have had an ID done previously.

Germanna Student ID Cards

Email if you have questions.

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Advising and Counseling

How do I find my advisor?

All new students are advised by the counseling center staff at the Locust Grove and/or Fredericksburg Area campuses. During the first semester, students with a declared major (excluding nursing/allied health) are assigned a faculty advisor and included in the advisor?s Blackboard advising shell. Students can find pertinent information in the advising Blackboard shell and can locate the contact information for their individual advisor. Nursing students seeking an advisor should contact the nursing office for more information.

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How do I request a transcript from Germanna?

Students can request an Official or Unofficial Transcript online through myGCC VCCS SIS: Student Information. See further instructions here.

If the student has been out of school for a long time, they can also fax us the information using this form Request for an Official Transcript.

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NEW Microsoft Student Advantage Program

The Student Advantage Program gives students access to Office 365 Pro Plus - Microsoft Office 365 on up to five devices. It is a subscription-based cloud service that is FREE to students. Be aware that you will need to load some software on your computer or mobile device.

Get started: (Click here to access PDF instructions with screenshots)

  1. Access Office 365
  2. Use your full VCCS student email address as your username (ex.
  3. Use your VCCS student password to log into the site
  4. Follow Microsoft’s directions to set up the software.

Online support resources for students are available at then by clicking “Get Help Now”.

*Some students are not able to log in to the Office 365 site ( where they can download and install Office 365 Pro Plus. As a temporary work-around, Microsoft technical support instructed that if students change their password, they should be able to access the Office site. Please ensure that students who cannot access the site first try to change their password before submitting a ticket to ITS. We are continuing to work with Microsoft technical support on a permanent resolution to this issue.

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